Relinquished from its duties
My heart halts

Jolting every muscle
Shocking my chest

Spreading a siren of disbelief
Up into my eyes

Placing pressure
Just enough to start a cascade


My mind can be a bit omnivorous
Feeding on the lies embedded within the truth

Orchestrating a sequence of notes
Eventually to be placed on an iron skillet

Slowly burning every shred of unconscious love

But the love was real
The dream was a deception


Fingers that seem to climb

Up the staircase of your

Beautifully arched back

Only to wrap themselves around your perfectly

Bruised neck

For the pain that subsides in you right eye

Only to be exacerbated in the left

From a pile of diamonds wrapped around her ring fingers


A scar in the shade of a decaying rose

As the last petal falls into your broken arms

Shaking to lift your skin

From a bed of vile love your mother laid out

For you to sleep on

The pain will never cease to exist



And he was for me

His breath took my last away

A natural stop



It was by the lake

On a cold brisk winter’s day

Ours eyes stood straight on


Mesmerized once

My surrounding ceased to be

Noting only you


My heartbeat steadied

And I fell into pure bliss

Hoping to stay still


Convinced life was ok

Worth the strain on my weak lips

Quite pleasurable


Passion is hidden

Along a path to sorrow

Just take a moment

10:30pm A Quick Thought

Let me breath the air of the wealthy

                  Just for the square bottles of Fiji

Jumping off a bridge so close to hitting the ground

                  You feel the dots on your arm rip your skin off

Flying so close the perimeter of the atmosphere

                  You can sense the decay of your lungs

Let the trumpets play as I dance like

A wild maniac with a coat of salt on the upper lip

        The same on the rim left in the back left corner

         From the last I had to drink as a 16 year old

Let me take my last shot on top of the

Hospital building and accidently

Step off to the conveniently placed stretcher

10 floors below

      Hoping everything has been done and the announcement of my passing       steadies my dying father’s heart murmur


A Motive

Sleep to the wind the hummingbird exhales

From what can only be

Thought of as chimes

Hope for the present to never take away your voice

To never confront you with a blade to your jugular

Pray your senses encapsulate your very being

Into a state of utter disparity and silence

Forever close your mouth

To anyone whose eyes glisten with the desire to

Take it all away

It’s not worth it

For the only way to truly move on with your life

Is to accept what has already been done

And hope what is left is enough to move on

And if it’s too hard


Wish for a meteor to strike

That will end all of what is in front of you

And then some more.